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A Sustainable Future for Golf: Managing Costs - Melior Golf

A Sustainable Future for Golf: Managing Costs


Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. A motto I was forced to adhere to as a university student all those years ago. However, in business, this is often easier said than done. And in a business as multifaceted as a golf facility, this is more like a plate spinning act. There is possibly nothing more frustratingly time consuming than retrieving various quotes from providers to ensure you get the best possible deal on the market.

Speaking from experience as a single site golf club operator, it is difficult to command competitive prices from service providers when compared to larger entities. Larger organisations or multi-site facilities are able to commit to bigger total spend and each of their individual sites benefit from the discounts enabled by economies of scale. Therefore, single site operators do all that searching and it doesn’t necessarily put them on an even keel with other local clubs.

In recent years, procurement specialists or ‘buying groups’ have entered the golfing world and have done some brilliant work in helping hundreds of golf clubs secure the best commercial terms on service contracts. In my time as Club Manager at North Weald Golf Club in Essex, I enlisted the services of Golf Management Group (GMG) to help us review the terms of all our facility contracts – ranging from golf course machinery to refuse collection to beers, wines & spirits.

I can only speak with the highest regard for the service we received. Our Regional Director, Phil Sparks looked at a number of invoices and reported back to me a few days later with information on the savings available from GMG partnered suppliers. Phil then managed the whole process of switching to the providers we opted to move to.

It is this experience that encouraged us at Melior Golf to partner with GMG acting as their new Regional Directors for the Home Counties and surrounding areas. I have full faith in the potential for the group to revolutionise the way golf facilities manage their costs. GMG is able to negotiate the best possible commercial terms by harnessing the purchasing power of its near 500 members.

The group is also very innovative in improving the service offered and recently launched their new Contracts Manager software – enabling operators to manage all their contracts in one online portal. On top of this, there have been some very exciting new service providers joining the group in recent weeks so I will keep you posted on their development.

If the problems at the beginning of this post resonate with you or you would simply like to establish the best service and price for your business, get in touch for a quick and confidential benchmarking exercise. GMG services are particularly competitive in the following areas:

Refuse collection
Washroom services
Beers, wines and spirits

Stay tuned for further updates coming soon.

Tim Lloyd-Skinner
M: 07973 157964
E: tim@golfmanagementgroup.co.uk