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Golf: Why it’s time to embrace the ‘dirty’ world of Selling

‘Selling’ is still seen as a dirty word by a huge number of people. I’ve been there – meeting someone and having the standard topic of ‘what do you do for work?’ come up. “I’m in sales” I reply – to which I am often subjected to “Oh god you’re one of those pesky salesmen, are you?” I have just found an article online dated August 1998 about how ‘sales’ is no

A pot of gold for family friendly golf facilities

More than one in four people (28%) in the UK do less than 30 minutes of physical activity a week. In May of this year, Sport England published their “Towards an Active Nation Strategy” laying out how they intend to combat this figure and increase participation in sport over the next five years. Funding has been tripled to tackle inactivity with a dedicated pot for family based activities. Is golf best

A Sustainable Future for Golf: Managing Costs

Look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves. A motto I was forced to adhere to as a university student all those years ago. However, in business, this is often easier said than done. And in a business as multifaceted as a golf facility, this is more like a plate spinning act. There is possibly nothing more frustratingly time consuming than retrieving various quotes from providers to